• Many possible walks through the local bocage (mixed woodland and pasture-land). The home is located 100 m from the Axe vert de Thiérache, a 40 km long hiking trail between Guise and Hirson.
  • Landing stages for canoes / kayaks available in the surrounding villages.
  • Fishing in river (Oise, Ton) and pond (Malzy).
  • Swimming: Guise (10 km): www.aquoisia.fr (+ aquafitness, aquabiking, etc.); Hirson (30 km): www.cap-ile-verte.com
  • Riding: La Capelle (17 km).
  • Tennis: La Capelle (17 km).
  • Mini-Golf: Le Nouvion-en-Thiérache (17 km).
  • Bowling : Hirson (30 km).
  • Ice-skating: Laon (43 km).
  • Sailing: Le Val Joly, Liessies (53 km).
  • Strand: Le Nouvion-en-Thiérache (17 km).
  • Flying over the region in an aircraft (max. 4 places): Saint-Quentin Roupy (40 km): www.roupyairclub.free.fr



Touristic and cultural information about Greater Thiérache (restaurants, events, etc.): www.terascia.com